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Temporary Guardianship Form

This form authorizes an adult, other than yourself, to take temporary guardianship of your minor child for an amount of time that you specify.

This form also makes provision for local travel with a temporary guardian as well as being a parental medical consent form providing vital information about the minor.

At some point, there may come a time when you need to turn over the care of your children temporarily to another adult. For example, you may need to be out of town on business or need time to recuperate from a medical procedure. When this happens, you'll want to formally set up temporary guardianship. While a biological or adoptive parent is normally considered to be a child's natural guardian, a guardian appointed by the parent or court is a person who provides for a child's welfare when the natural parent is unable to do so. Temporary guardianship actually is a form of power of attorney that gives another capable adult permission to care for your child. Usually, the person petitioning for guardianship is a relative or close friend.

Temporary guardianship and Temporary custody to most people mean the same when it concerns a minor child.

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March 13, 2011

When to use a temporary guardianship form.

The most common time to use this type of form is when you are going to be far away from your children with no quick, easy way to get back to them in case of emergency.
It's not likely that you would need to give temporary custody or guardianship to your baby sitter when you go out to dinner. In case of emergency you would probably be able to get to where you children are in short order.
This form is more for time when your children will be staying with a family member while you are out of town. This form would give that family member the ability to seek medical attention for the minor in case of emergency.

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