Satisfaction Of Mortgage Form
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Wed May 4, 2011, 8:47pm

Satisfaction Of Mortgage Form

Satisfaction of Mortgage

When most people or business’s buy real or personal property, they borrow money. A Mortgage, is the lenders way of putting a lien on the property until it is paid off. A Satisfaction of Mortgage Form is used to release the loan that was a lien against the Property, once the debt has been paid. The Mortgager (Lender) will sign the Satisfaction of Mortgage Form stating that the mortgage has been paid in full. To have the Lien removed, it must be recorded at the County Recorder's Office.

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Reba Buske Said: After printing the form, there was a question by the notary as to who was to sign where. I was not able to obtain a phone number at that time.
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