Transferring Title Between Spouses in California
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Sat April 9, 2011, 6:13pm

Transferring Title Between Spouses in California

A California Interspousal Grant Deed is a basically a Quit Claim Deed used between spouse’s

This deed contains no warranties to the title. (CA Interspousal deeds are treated the same as quit claim deeds) So When a Spouse (Grantor) signs their rights away to the other Spouse (Grantee) they are giving away all rights and claims to the property.
It is often used in Divorce and sometimes used when one spouse suffers credit problems that adversely impact the other spouse. In California a Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed must be used whenever a spouse is added or removed from the property title. Be aware that it does Not change your financial obligation on the property just because you are removed from the Title. If you are on the Mortgage the bank will still hold you responsible if payments aren’t made. A Deed is most effective if is recorded but doesn’t have to be in most States, but in California a person has 4 years after a Divorce to Record a Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed, after that you cannot use it to change the Title on the Deed. Property Transfer Tax’s are not due on This type of Deed because no monies are changing hands.
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