Temporary Guardianship Forms
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Wed August 4, 2010, 3:41pm

Temporary Guardianship Forms

Being a parent of a minor child sometimes involves many decisions that are new and unfamiliar. This is to help with one that is tough. There could be good reason why you’re going to be absent. It could be medical care or vacation. There may come a time when you want or need someone else to care for your child/children. That person might have to enroll your child in school, take your child to a doctor and make medical decisions. Basically handle all of the parenting tasks. The most important thing is to pick a good guardian who is going to take proper care of your child/children and understands that it is temporary and that they must return your child/children. Commonly people use relatives and friends, sometimes a paid Caretaker. State law provides that a Parent can sign a Temporary Power of Attorney or commonly called a Temporary Guardianship Form. This would give the Caregiver the right to act as a parent to the child/children. Often referred to as delegating your rights and powers as a parent. There are only two rights that you cannot delegate as a parent. The right to consent to your child/children’s marriage and the right to consent to your child/children’s adoption. Except for the two exceptions you can delegate all or just a few of your rights and powers as a parent. Most thought of is school enrollment, Medical treatment if needed, and Traveling. To give these rights to another person, you need to fill out a Temporary Guardianship Form. One Form will cover multiple children if the same person is parenting them while your away. In most States a Temporary Guardianship Form is good for six month and you do not have to go to Court to file it. It is best to check with your Clerk of Courts to make sure. You can set a parameter of time such as from July 1st to Aug 15th but it cannot be longer than six months from the date you sign it. A Temporary Guardianship Form will have information such as, your child/children’s birth dates, who is going to have the temporary parental rights, Medical information, doctors of the child/children, insurance information and other pertinent information that they might need. Give the Original Guardianship Form to the person caring for the child/children and keep a copy for yourself. It’s very important to remember that you can get your child/children back anytime you want. All you have to do is revoke the Temporary Guardianship. This is done by writing that, “The Temporary Guardianship has been revoked By ______________ On this ____________ Date." Give it to the person who is parenting the child/children.

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Lori Said: this was very helpful and made me feel hopeful. i signed over temperary guardianship of my daughter to her fathers parents and i still havent got her back. this was over a year ago, they think its best for our daughter to still live with them and i wasnt sure if i could just go take her back. this is not a court order it was just a notarized paper, i dont have a copy of the paper so i felt completely helpless. now i know i can just go get her at any time. thank you for this helpful information. i am very gratefull!
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Terri Said: Does anyone know if this form can be used longer than 6 months in the State of Florida if there is no time limits set?
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