Record a Quit Claim Deed in Alameda County California
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Fri April 23, 2010, 2:48pm

Record a Quit Claim Deed in Alameda County California

A Quitclaim Deed form can be recorded in Person or by mail at the following address:

Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office

1106 Madison Street

Oakland, CA 94607

Telephone: 1-888-280-7708

TDD: 1-510-444-1396

Local: 1-510-272-6362

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm (except holidays)

NOTE: If filing in person they’re busy time is noon to 2:00 p.m. Please avoid these hours, if possible, for faster service.

Basic Recording Fees


Effective January 1, 2010

Fee increase of $6.00 for recording the first page of each document.

The basic recording fee for most documents is $15.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page. Add $3.00 per title if the document is one of these titles:

Assignment Deed of Trust

Deed of Trust

Notice of Default


Request for Notice of Default

Substitution of Trustee

Notice of Trustee's Sale

Notice of Rescission of Declaration of Default

Quitclaim Document Size Fees:

The backside of a document page is considered an additional page. If any page of a document is not 8.5" x 11", then all pages of the document will be subject to a supplemental fee of $3.00 for each page. Pages larger than 8.5" x 14" will not be accepted.

Almeda County Quitclaim Deed Document Margin Requirements and Fees:

Each document submitted for recording shall have at least a 1/2" margin on each vertical side. In addition, the top 2.5" of the first page (from the left to the right edges), shall be reserved for document return and recording information. The left 3/5" of this space is used by the public to show the recording requestor's name and the name and address to which the document is to be returned following recording. The remaining portion of the space is for the Recorder's recording label.

In the event the first page or sheet of a document does not contain the above required space, a cover sheet must be attached to the front of the document. This page shall contain the requesting party information and shall reflect the title or titles of the document. There is an additional recording fee of $3.00 for this page. Checks should be made payable to the Alameda County Recorder.

Multiple Title Fees:

The fee for documents with two or more titles is $15.00 per title, plus $3.00 for each additional page, plus any special title fee. As an example: a two page Substitution of Trustee and Reconveyance document would be $30.00 for the two titles, $3.00 for the special title (Substitution of Trustee) and $3.00 for the special title (Reconveyance) and $3.00 for the second page, for a total of $39.00.

Documentary Transfer Tax


MEASURE P - Effective December 12, 2008

Increases City of Alameda Conveyance Tax from $5.40 to $12.00 per $1,000 of value

"R & T Code 11911. (a) The board of supervisors of any county or city and county, by an ordinance adopted pursuant to this part, may impose, on each deed, instrument, or writing by which any lands, tenements, or other realty sold within the county shall be granted, assigned, transferred, or otherwise conveyed to, or vested in, the purchaser or purchasers, or any other person or persons, by his or their direction, when consideration or value of the interest or property conveyed (exclusive of the value of any lien or encumbrance remaining thereon at the time of sale) exceeds one hundred dollars ($100.00) a tax at the rate of fifty-five cents ($0.55) for each five hundred dollars ($500.00) or fractional part thereof."

City Real Property Conveyance Tax

Several cities impose their own city real property transfer tax at full value. The rates per thousand dollars of value are:

Alameda $12.00 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 2987 AMC

Albany $11.50 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 02-60

Berkeley $15.00 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 6072-NS

Hayward $4.50 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 92-26

Oakland $15.00 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 11628 CMS

Piedmont $13.00 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 546 NS

San Leandro $6.00 per thousand on full value Ordinance No. 93-09

Preliminary Change of Ownership Report

There is no charge for the Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR) if it is complete and accompanies the transfer document. Otherwise, the fee is $20.00.

Effective July 1, 1985, pursuant to revenue and Taxation Code, Section 480.3 and Board of Supervisors Ordinance 85-46, the Recorder will not record a document evidencing a change of ownership without the simultaneous filing of a Preliminary Change of Ownership report or the payment of a $20.00 recording fee in addition to current regular recording fee.

Effective July 1, 1991, the form must be signed by one of the new owners (transferees).

Please read and complete the attached form or return your document without the form and include an additional $20.00 payment.

Please note, as stated on the accompanying form, that the payment of the $20.00 fee will not exempt you from the requirement of filing an ownership statement sent to you by the Assessor.

Should you have any questions regarding the completion of this form, please contact the Assessor's Office at (510) 272-3800.

List of Recorded Documents Requiring a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report Form

Adopted By the Executive Committee of the California Assessor's Association

All Quitclaim deeds and indentures.


Deeds to, or from, governmental entities

Trustee's deed upon sale, or foreclosure


All agreements of sale, or contacts of sale, affecting real estate.

All affidavits of death.


Beneficiary under deed of trust

All leases (agreements, assignments, memorandums, etc.).


Oil and gas

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