McHenry County IL. Quit Claim Deed
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Sat January 15, 2011, 4:44pm

McHenry County IL. Quit Claim Deed

Recording a Quit Claim Deed in McHenry County Illinois

All Quit Claim Deeds dated after July 19, 1995 that are presented for recording must conform to the following standards:

The Quit Claim Deed Form shall consist of one or more individual sheets measuring 8.5 inches x 11 inches, not permanently bound and not a continuous form. Graphic displays accompanying a document to be recorded that measure up to 11 inches x 17 inches shall be recorded without charging an additional fee.

The Quit Claim Deed shall be legibly printed in black ink, by hand, type, or computer. Signatures and dates may be in contrasting colors if they will reproduce clearly.

The Quit Claim Deed Form shall be on white paper of not less than 20-pound weight and shall have a clean margin of at least one-half inch on top, the bottom, and each side. Margins may be used for non-essential notations that will not affect the validity of the document, including but not limited to form numbers, page numbers, and customer notations.

The first page of the Quit Claim Deed shall contain a blank space, measuring at least 3” by 5”, from the upper right corner.

The Quit Claim Deed Document shall not have any attachment stapled or otherwise affixed to any page

Check all deeds for the following:
A complete Grantee’s Address including street, city & state is required on all Quit Claim Deeds.

Basic Recording Fees:

Minimum fee for recording a Quit Claim Deed up to four (4) 8½” X 11” pages.... $50.00 ea.
Additional 8½” X 11” page thereafter.......................$1.00 ea.
Documents referred to by document number without a legal..... $1.00 ea.
Additional document numbers referred to after the first one....... $1.00 ea.
Blanket Assignments (additional mortgages being assigned)......... $7.00 ea

Turn Around Time:
There Goal is 5 Days

McHenry County
Administration Building
667 Ware Road, Room 109
Woodstock IL 6009

McHenry County
Government Center
2200 N. Seminary Ave.
Woodstock IL 6009

Contact Information:
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
Phone: (815) 334-4110
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